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Why do so many people decide to move to Cuenca-Ecuador?

-Imagine for a moment what it would be to live in a City with temperatures of 65-75 degrees all year round, excellent healthcare, low cost of living and being able to appreciate the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

-Imagine what it would be to be able to have all the comforts of a large city like shopping, hospitals, entertainment, but at the same time enjoy the peace and tranquility of living in a small town. -These are some of the reasons why International Living Magazine has made Cuenca the best place to retire for its third year in Row.

-In these hard economical times most retirees in North America and Europe agree that their retirement funds are not enough to live on, that is why moving to Cuenca is an excellent option since a couple can live very comfortably on 1,500 dollars month, this monthly income will be sufficient for all your home expenses, healthcare, food, basic home services (phone, water, electrical), cable or satellite television, transportation, cellular phone, and entertainment.

This beautiful Colonial City with cobblestone streets; and friendly people open their doors to anyone who is looking for a new great way of life.